Surveyor, 3-4 people, 25-31hp

This model is a Sevtec Vanguard on steroids. � While Vanguard engine possibilities have grown from the original 16hp to 23hp, Surveyor is designed to take newer engines of 25 to 31hp. Surveyor can be built to the same 14 foot hull size as Vanguard for more performance, or it can be stretched to 16 feet, or scaled to 7.5x15 for added payload for such as packing more material into the backcountry. Larger engines and hull sizes can gives payloads up to 1050 lbs.

With a top speed of 37mph for an improved ability to punch into bad weather, (a 2 engine version is shown for 40 plus mph speeds over deep water) and fuel use of less than 1 1/2 gallons per hour, this sev can haul up to 800lb payloads, 950 lb payload if lengthened to 16 feet, over big and small waters and like the Vanguard, has exceptional athletic abilities over rough terrain.