Surveyor Structural Divinycell PVC Foam Kit

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The kit contains the PVC Divinycell foam you need to build the Surveyor. PVC foam features significantly improved physical properties, moisture, UV resistance, improved compressive strength, impact performance, and eliminates damage propagation. It's available in 4 x 8, if shipped via truck freight.
The 2x4 sheet foam kit ships in smaller boxes via UPS. The dimensional weight is used to calculate the estimated shipping charges and doesn't reflect the actual weight of the box.

14x7 has 

x16 sheets 1/2" H60 2x4

X12 sheets 1/2" H80 2x4

X4 sheets 3/4" H80 2x4

x2 sheets 1" H80 2x4

15x7.5 has

x20 sheets 1/2" H60 2x4

X16 sheets 1/2" H80 2x4

X4 sheets 3/4" H80 2x4

x4 sheets 1" H80 2x4