Super Surveyor, 4-5 people, 40hp

The new "Carbon 90" drive system utilizes a carbon fiber timing belt, precision adjustable idlers, and anew drive frame design, allowing for the increased power of the 40hp Kohler engine. It increases drive efficiency, maintains low center of gravity, eliminates belt covers, touch blocks and idlers, all with no slippage.

Testing of the drive on two different craft have shown the system to be reliable and substantially increases performance. The increased thrust gives a top speed of 40mph, allows for increased head wind capability, acceleration and payload. 
 The recommended hull size for this configuration would be 15 x 7.5 ft or 16 x 7.5 ft. This would allow for payload of 1,100 to 1,200 lbs.

You can buy the drive kit, engine frame, and the propeller guard. We offer many different levels of fabrication.