EarthX Lithium starting battery.

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This lithium battery will start the ECV-980 40hp engine with ease, and at 2.6 lbs! In fact it turns the motor faster than even the PC625 625amp rated AGM. EarthX has an exclusive fully integrated battery management system (BMS) to protect the cells.

–2 year full coverage warranty (Not a prorated warranty that offers you the replacement at a discounted rate if they don’t void the warranty)

-can be used on it’s side or even upside down

Use TM291 charger.

The reasons you would choose such a battery are; longevity, light weight, cranking performance and very low self discharge.

Model Price Volts AH (1C Rate) Crank Amps (PCA/CCA) Weight Size
ETX24C $269 13.2  7.8 420/270 2.6 lb (1.2Kg) 5.9 x 3.4 x 4.5in (150 x 86 x 115mm)
ETX36C $369 13.2 12.4 680/320 3.9 lb (1.8Kg) 5.9 x 3.4 x 4.5in (150 x 86 x 115mm)
ETX36D $369 13.2 12.4 680/320 3.9 lb (1.8Kg) 6.9 x 3.4 x 6.1in (175 x 86 x 155mm)

From EarthX, "EarthX batteries are designed to be a replacement of a standard 12 volt lead-acid battery, but their nominal voltage is 13.28V so it will spin your engine faster than you would ever believe possible! Our batteries will work with any vehicle charging system that regulates the voltage between 13.5V and 14.6V, which is standard in all modern vehicles from motorcycles to aircrafts. And our batteries are an exceptional value given the fact they last years longer than a lead-acid battery if maintained properly.

There is a lot of talk about lithium batteries these days, but not all lithium batteries are equal. There are dozens of different types of chemistry used in lithium batteries. The EarthX batteries use cells made of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry that was developed in the U.S.A. This chemistry is the highest performance, most robust and the safest on the market today.

Lithium batteries are fundamentally different than lead-acid batteries. The lithium cells inside the battery need electronics to monitor and balance the voltage/charge of the individual cells. Other companies sell a balancing charger, which you have to plugin periodically to “top off” and balance the cells. Inside every one of the ETX series batteries is a microprocessor Battery Management System (BMS) that monitors the charge level of each cell and balances the charge when needed, protecting the cells from overcharge or over-discharge. What this means for you is more starting power, longer battery life, and the safest lithium battery on the market. All types of lithium batteries (not just ours) require a “BMS” that monitors and balances the cell charge and protect from over discharge or over charge."