Explorer, 6-10 people, 55-120 hp

With a hull size of 8 feet by 18 1/2 or 20 feet, Explorer is a scaleup of the Vanguard design, and uses a Subaru 1.8L EA 82 engine. Two aluminum frames automatically extend when the engine is started so this sev flies as if it were ten feet wide. (Note! The drawing shows the sev at flight configuration, 10 feet wide to the edges of the aluminum frames. It does automatically fold for highway trailering under 8 ft width, six inches less then Prospector in fact) With a top over water speed of 39mph and fuel use of around 2.5 gallons per hour, this sev can cruise relaxed at 30mph plus speeds on just 65% power. This sev can haul over 1400-1600 lb payloads over big and small waters.