Urethane Skirt for Vanguard

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This skirt utilizes the latest developments in materials and manufacturing techniques used at Amphibious Marine. The skirt is comprised of two different nylon coated fabrics: one heavy(35oz) weight and one light(21oz) to maximize the life of the skirt to keep the weight to a minimum. Fabrication begins with cutting the materials with our CNC machine, then welding with our automated skirt welding machine. The advantages of the urethane material over the traditional vinyl is decreased cost of ownership, improved weather resistance, and abrasion resistance. Like the vinyl material, the urethane can be bonded with HH-66 cement or heat welded. Typical life of the urethane skirt is 4 times longer than vinyl. 

Completed skirts have all seams that can be welded before installation done and all flotation installed. The purchaser will need to join the bow skirt to the main part as it is installed upon the vehicle. Once installed the skirt will need to be trimmed along the partition and bow skirt to ensure proper in flight operation. 

The purchaser should communicate any deviations of the hull measurements form the plans to ensure proper fit. Some adjustments can be made in the manufacturing, sometimes at added cost.