Urethane coated nylon fabric, 710gsm 20.9oz or 1200gsm 35.4oz/yd²

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Urethane coated Nylon fabric available in two weights. Urethane has about 15 times the abrasion resistance of vinyl. The lighter fabric can be used for Vanguard or along with the heavier material near the running line. Larger craft use both types too widen the material and optimize durability.

  • 20.9 oz/yd², 940dtex fabric,  Tensile strength is 270-309 lbs/inch, low temperature resistane -50C
  • 35.4 oz/yd² 1880 dtex fabric, Tensile strength is 675 lbs/inch, 67.4lb/inch tear. 
  • Can be heat welded or bonded with HH-66 contact cement.

Made in France