Scout plans, 1 to 2 people, 5 1/2 ft x 10-12 ft hull

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You will find it hard to believe what a one lung lawnmower engine can do! 

With a hull size of only 5.5 feet width by 11 feet length, Scout is designed to provide an exceptionally compact, efficient sev with excellent performance on a single cylinder garden equipment engine. With a payload of 270lb and a top over water speed of 30mph, Scout has a good measure of performance in spite of the tiny engine! 

This sev can be easily dismantled into two 100 lb packages so it may be manhandled into smaller waters, or used as a rescue craft on ice and other situations where a launching ramp is not available. 

Although the normal power plant for this sev is a 12hp Tecumseh engine, Scout may be equipped with a 16hp manual start Vanguard engine for a higher quality product. A special section has been added to give Scout racing performance with engines up to 25hp!