Prospector Hovercraft, 4 to 7 passenger, 8 ft x 16 - 18 ft hull

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Exceptional performance, using a stock automotive engine. Prospector has plenty of payload. Either build it as an open boat or add windshield, soft top, and a heater, and cruising comfort may be had. With a hull size of 8 feet by 16 feet or the preferred 18 feet, Prospector is a scaleup of the Vanguard design, and uses a Subaru 1.3L-1.8L engine. Prospector uses a drive similar to the North to Alaska Explorer. With a top over water speed of 46 mph with a 1.8L engine and fuel use of around 2.5 gallons per hour at cruise, this sev can run relaxed at 30mph plus speeds on less than half power. This sev can haul over 1000 lb payloads over big and small waters.