Molded Hovercraft Rudder

Regular price $325.00

Hollow, molded, vacuum bagged fiberglass, or carbon fiber rudders with a white gelcoat finish, 34" by 16". They have three internal foam ribs and weigh approx 3.75 lbs each. The pivot assemblies are 316 stainless steel. These rudders are far more durable than the traditional home-built foam and fiberglass rudders and feature a true symmetrical airfoil.

The rudders are a NACA 0012 symmetrical airfoil. This precise aerodynamic shape allows the flow of air to smoothly continue over the rudder during turns without stalling and the associated drag. In addition to reducing drag it also significantly improves the feel at the helm. Our closed cavity vacuum bag molding system produces a lightweight, strong, gelcoat finished part. The mounting pivots are precision made laser cut/ welded 316 stainless steel.

Included with each hovercraft rudder is a bearing pivot set, three bearing, top, bottom and slave bar.