Geoduck Hovercraft , 4 to 5 passenger, 8 ft x 16 - 18 ft hull

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The Geoduck program is a program designed to use the smallest commonly available automobile engine, the 1000cc G-10 Suzuki (Geo Metro) engine, 3 cylinder and 45hp at 4200rpm. An inline 4 cylinder engine can also be used, and if the builder desires, a second lift engine, 18hp Briggs, can be used for a two engine craft. The hull is 16 X 8 feet, and can be extended to 18 feet for easier planeout and more interior room. The top speed is 37mph and fuel use is 1.6 gallons per hour with the 1.0L, 42mph with 1.3L. This sev can haul over 1100 lb payloads over big and small waters and has exceptional athletic abilities over rough terrain. 

The two engine version is faster, over 50mph, as all 45hp goes to thrust, and the 18hp lift is sufficient for reasonable terrain. A 18 foot long hulled version may be built for such uses as search and rescue, hunting, birding, or ice fishing where added payload is needed. Payloads can be up to 1100lbs. Deck structure is foam fiberglass, as is the hull structure, and it is quite reasonable to put a glass windshield and overhead on a craft of this power.