PDF DOWNLOAD Vanguard, 2 to 3 people, 7 ft x 12.5-14 ft hull

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Imagine, taking a 460mile trip over the big waters of Puget Sound, camping and visiting along the way, in a craft of only 16hp! Vanguard made just such a trip! 

Vanguard is a get out and go somewhere sev, and a screaming, gas guzzling frantic two stroke engine is simply not needed to get real performance! Suddenly waters that one would never think of as boating waters open up and the reward is new adventure! 

With a hull size of 7 feet by 12 1/2 or 14 feet, Vanguard is the baseline sev for the new Sevtec series of sevs, and uses the Briggs and Stratton 16 to 22hp Vanguard V twin engines. With a top speed of 32mph and fuel use of less than 3/4 gallons per hour, this sev can haul over 550lb payloads over big and small waters and has exceptional athletic abilities over rough terrain. 

This planset and manual is for a 7 ft x 12.5 ft or 14 ft hull size. 

These plans will be available for download once purchased.