STABOND 2-PART ADHESIVE for inflatable boats, or hovercraft skirts UK-148, quart

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This is the best glue for hypalon, urethane and old vinyl skirts.

This can only be shipped via fedex ground, it is a pain and $$$.

  1. Both surfaces to be joined must be coated with adhesive.
  2. Note: The surfaces to be joined must be dry prior to applying adhesive.
  3. Apply one thin, even coat of adhesive to each surface.
  4. Wait until the first coat of adhesive is dry-approximately 10 - 30 minutes depending on conditions. Use the "thumb" test - touch your gloved finger to the glue) You should be able to feel adhesion without your thumb sticking.
  5. Apply a second thin, even coat to each surface. Wait until the second coat has an even, tacky finish (surfaces should not be visibly wet). Use the knuckle test again to gauge the optimum surface condition for joining the surfaces. Time will be 5 - 10 minutes. Don't allow the layer to completely dry.
  6. Immediately press both sides of the fabric together and apply pressure to the entire glued surface using a roller, rolling from the center out. This forces air bubbles out and meshes the two fabrics together. Use a lint-free towel to wipe up excess glue.
  7. Complete curing time takes approximately 24 hours. 

Note: you can allow it to dry longer before assembly, just add heat to re-activate.