ETX-QCC2 Jump Pack Quick connect.

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Quick Connect Harness Cable 24" or 48"long, works with both TM-291 charger and EarthX jump pack.

  • Max jump start amps: 400 amps
  • Length: Battery “pigtail” cable = 24”/61 cm
  • Jump pack adapter cable: 12”/30 cm
  • 1/4″ / M6 ringlets
  • Industry standard 2-pole SAE connector, with rubber sealing cap.
  • Cable max. rating: 400 Amp

You can permanently install this quick connect cable to your battery (lead acid or lithium) that can be used for quick, easy access for charging or be used with a portable jump starter to jump start your battery in seconds! No removal of seats, no removal of battery covers, no tools needed, no time wasted! Engineered and designed to carry 400 amps of energy without melting the wire by using 150 strand insulated copper wire. The standard SAE fitting will fit any standard portable jump pack on the market today.